Hard Drive Recovery Group Talks Big HDDs, Hard Drive Failure In Latest Blogs

May 22, 2019

May 23, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - In its latest blog, Hard Drive Recovery Group discusses the new range of 14TB Seagate hard drives, as individual HDD units continue to grow their overall storage capacity.

Spotlighting the Seagate Skyhawk, Ironwolf and Barracuda Pro, these drives are just a little smaller than the company's most recent "largest hard drive available", which has been reported to be 16TB.

"As a data recovery company that has seen thousands of hard drives over the years, beginning with tiny drives measured in megabytes, this is a pretty major step," said Maureen Davies, spokesperson for Hard Drive Recovery Group. "This trend will of course continue, but the question will probably someday arrive when the old platter and spindle 3.5 inch platform will become obsolete. What will the manufacturers do then?"

The newest drives tend to be extremely expensive, and targeted mostly at business and data center users, but they certainly point to a coming future where it is possible drives go beyond "terabytes" as a capacity measure.

"After using the spindle and platter setup for hard disk drives since the 1980s, the real question for HDD manufacturers like Seagate is, 'What's Next?'" said Davies. "It's quite unlikely that solid state drives in their current form will be able to reach the capacity of these drives anytime soon, which begs the question whether a new platform beyond the 2.5 and 3.5 inch drives will be available."

In a second post, entitled Hard Drive Failure: One Of The Most Annoying Tech Problems, HDRG discusses why hard drive failures are one of the biggest tech bugaboos for users worldwide.

The post references a recent British study surrounding gadgets and the annoyances of living with electronics that do not always live up to human expectations.

"The surprising note about the study noted in the post is that a majority of people get so annoyed with their devices that they simply don't bother trying to fix them, instead opting to simply buy new ones," said Davies. "While certainly this is something that I'm sure device makers love, it is not necessarily the best way to deal with things."

In essence, people love upgrades, and hate malfunction.

The survey notes that devices and computers are so integrated into our lives at this point that they actually become a stress point for people, as well as their relationships. The amount of devices that have been destroyed because of a fit of rage caused by malfunction continues to grow each and every year.

A key factor that is relevant when it comes to hard drive recovery customers is that over three in ten of the respondents to the server say that they have "made the situation worse by attempting to fix their devices". This is particularly key, as 25% of respondents also noted that they lost important files such as documents and photos as a result of a gadget or PC drive failure.

"When it comes to data and attempting to recover data by yourself, knowledge, as well as the right equipment and experience is not only important, but critical," said Davies. "We see at least five hard drive recoveries every week that are made more difficult and more expensive by the user that decided she was a data recovery expert."

Hard Drive Recovery Group always recommends that any kind of data loss be met with a single action - calling a data recovery expert - before any other actions are considered.

"Talking to a data recovery engineer at any qualified data recovery service near you is not only going to provide you with serious piece of mind, but it will also protect you from permanent data loss because of user error," said Davies. "Plus, as with our data recovery company, most reasonable services will at least provide you with some free advice which will point you in the right direction."

Basically, the more conservatively one reacts when encountering a hard disk or solid state drive failure, the better - in almost every case.


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