Feb 26, 2021

Miami Dance Floor Wraps Customized Wedding And Corporate Event Designs Launched

A Miami-based design and printing company has launched their updated services for people who are looking to liven up their special event setups with customized dance floor designs.

Feb 26, 2021

On Demand TV Now Included in Cambridge Electronics Latest Optik TV Packages

February 27, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated is always looking for ways to provide better TV and other services to their customers across Canada. Evidence of that is the company is now including premium on demand TV content in their latest Optik TV Packages. That gives their many customers something that was not always possible before which is the ability to watch what they want when they want. This is something that will provide their customers with the ultimate in convenience and flexibility when it comes to the programs that wish to see. It’s also the type of customer-centric service that has made Telus a world-leading communications and information technology company that lists an impressive yearly revenue of $14.7 billion and some 15.2 million satisfied customers. The services that they provide are not just limited to those with TV subscriptions either, as they also serve the needs of Canadians in respect to data, internet, voice, entertainment, home security, healthcare, and agriculture. A spokesperson for the company, Dan LHeureux, says, “At TELUS, we realize that very few people lead traditional 9 to 5 lives in this modern world. That makes it very hard at times for some of our busy customers to watch TV shows and movies that are in specific time slots. That’s when we came up with the idea of adding more on-demand TV options for our customers. Now Telus TV provides our customers with great options in high-quality entertainment that are available to them on their schedule. Because of this, no longer do our customers have to plan their schedules around the TV shows that they want to watch or have to miss those shows because of other priorities.” LHeureux went on to describe their latest Optik TV bundle that includes On Demand TV service. It’s a service that costs $140/month and comes with several impressive internet and TV viewing features. This bundled cost also represents a savings of $30 a month over purchasing the company’s similar TV and internet services separately (a savings of over $720 on the required 2-year contract period). In addition to on-demand TV, he stated that a customer will also get their choice of 4 viewing theme packs such as Amazon Prime or TSN & Beyond. Also included in this bundle is the TELUS internet 50 package that comes with unlimited home internet data. The company spokesperson informed that the plan is even set up so that customers can enjoy a $100 credit to their bill for signing up for the Optik TV bundle online. A bonus on-demand movie rental coupon is also a part of this new bundled service along with completely free PVR and wireless digital box rental. According to the company spokesperson, as far as on-demand TV goes, their customers get to choose between several types of premium TV services. This includes such popular choices as Netflix Premium or Crave+Movies+HBO. Those who choose the Netflix premium option can even take advantage of this service by watching shows and movies on up to 4 smart devices at one time. He says that this will create even more flexible TV watching opportunities for those in a household. LHeureux stated, “By giving our customers more flexible TV choices, they are now able to swap out the content they are not interested in for TV viewing options that are more appealing to them.” He also mentioned that their customers can download the TELUS mobile app to enjoy even more TV watching flexibility. They have added some unique new services to their Optik TV bundle too. An example of this is their customers can now choose a theme pack that includes several health and wellness channels. He says that channels such as Openfit and Calm offer excellent ways for their customers to stay fit or relax at home. Those that would like more information on Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated’s new on-demand TV options or any of their other services can refer to their website or contact a customer service representative by phone. ###For more information about Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated, contact the company here:Telus/Cambridge Electronics IncorporatedDan LHeureux7809989551dan@mobilityhelp.com105-8701 94 stFort Saskatchewan, AlbertaT8L 4P7ReleaseID: 60041669

Feb 26, 2021

Fort Walton Beach Debt Relief Attorneys Highlight the End to COVID Mortgage Forbearance

February 27, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Fort Walton Beach, Fla. - Lewis and Jurnovoy, local Fort Walton Beach debt relief attorneys, warn of an imminent end to coronavirus (COVID-19) mortgage forbearance periods. March will mark one year since the coronavirus (COVID-19) began affecting the lives of those living on the Gulf Coast. This anniversary also signals the end of many 12-month mortgage forbearance programs homeowners were forced to utilize. The first repayment for many people along the Gulf Coast will be due in March or April. When acquiring the mortgage forbearance, the mortgage company usually does not give an upfront commitment to what will happen after the forbearance period ends. In the absence of this assurance, many mortgage companies will expect payments to start immediately. As a result, most homeowners will be requested to pay their monthly installment, plus their past-due payments, starting in March and April. This is an amount that several homeowners cannot afford, especially after the various difficulties encountered along the Gulf Coast this year.   “This is what we deal with in our office every day. Do not feel like you have to deal with it alone because you don’t,” said Martin Lewis, bankruptcy attorney. For Homeowners that are concerned about losing their homes as the end of the forbearance period swiftly approaches, chapter 13 bankruptcy and mortgage modifications may be the resolutions needed. Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables homeowners to keep their homes while also renegotiate their mortgage payments within mortgage modifications. With chapter 13 bankruptcy, homeowners can force the mortgage company to take on new terms, taking into account other debt and the homeowner's monthly budget. Lewis and Jurnovoy take great pride in assisting Fort Walton Beach and the surrounding Florida Panhandle with debt consolidation for over 20 years. The seasoned bankruptcy lawyers know how stressful the imminent end to mortgage forbearance is for so many homeowners. For more information regarding Chapter 13 bankruptcy or any other debt inquiries, give them a call for a free consultation at (850) 432-9110 or visit them online at ###For more information about Lewis & Jurnovoy, PA- FWB, contact the company here:Lewis & Jurnovoy, PA- FWB Steven D. Jurnovoy and Martin S. Lewis(850) 151 South Mary Esther Cut Off NW Ste 103, Mary Esther, FL 32569ReleaseID: 60041829

Feb 26, 2021

Naples Woman Expresses Her Gratitude for WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Florida

February 27, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Bartolomeij, a resident of Naples Florida, recently completed residential and outpatient addiction treatment at WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Naples FL. She took the opportunity to thank the addiction treatment center for the high-quality care she received and left them a five-star review on Google. “I went through residential at the main campus in Plant City before transferring here [Naples] for outpatient. I’m grateful for both the inpatient and outpatient services that were provided,” said Bartolomeij. WhiteSands provides the full continuum of care in addiction treatment from detox and residential treatment to partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), outpatient (OP), and aftercare. Patients like Bartolomeij appreciate having the ability to transition easily between the levels of care as they progress through treatment with one provider. The transition to outpatient care close to home is particularly beneficial. Having the ability to return home with the support of ongoing outpatient treatment is an important step for anyone in early recovery. People are most vulnerable to relapse and overdose during the time just after inpatient rehab. Graduating to outpatient treatment in their hometown means that as patients reintegrate back into life outside of rehab they have a strong support system in place to help them work through challenges and stay on track in their sobriety. For this reason, WhiteSands operates nineteen outpatient treatment locations throughout Florida, making ongoing care easily accessible for patients once they return home. In addition to receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from current and past clients, WhiteSands was recently rated the number one addiction treatment center in Florida by Newsweek magazine. This acknowledgment, which was based on a survey of medical professionals across the state, confirms WhiteSands is achieving its mission of elevating the standard of care in addiction treatment. WhiteSands provides multiple features that set them apart from the crowd of alcohol and drug rehabs available today. One such feature that Bartolomeij appreciated was the opportunity to explore the deeper issues of addiction and recovery through therapy. “Everyone has been very helpful and the counselors were on point! I got a lot out of my individual sessions and was able to meet with my therapist whenever I needed to. The knowledge of recovery they had helped me gain a better understanding of my issues with addiction,” she said. See the full blog article at, and see why they are the #1 addiction treatment center in Florida according to Newsweek. The rehab industry standard calls for one individual therapy session per week. WhiteSands feels that does not allow sufficient time for treatment to be effective. At WhiteSands, patients see their primary therapist two to three times per week which allows them to form a better bond with their therapist and provides time to open up and work on the deeper issues that lead a person down the path of addiction. Another important way that WhiteSands is raising the bar in addiction treatment is through their staff. WhiteSands employs board-certified addictionologist, medical doctors with specialized training in the treatment of substance use disorders. They also maintain board-certified psychiatrists on staff seven days a week. At any given time there are multiple medical doctors on-site in their detox and rehab facilities. Many treatment centers either don’t employ these kinds of specialists or if they do, only hire them on a part-time basis. With doctors and psychiatrists on-site full time, specialists have the opportunity to get to know each patient individually and work closely with them as they progress through treatment. Having psychiatrists on staff every day also means that each patient who enters WhiteSands receives a full psychiatric evaluation within 48 hours of arriving and will be seen once a week thereafter for evaluation and management of medication. This allows the alcohol and drug rehab to operate an effective dual-diagnosis treatment program. Dual diagnosis refers to patients who are diagnosed with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. For many people, the driving force behind addiction is an undiagnosed and untreated mental health disorder like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, or bipolar disorder. Getting proper treatment for these mental health conditions eliminates the need for patients to attempt to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol and allows for lasting fundamental healing. WhiteSands also maintains a low patient to therapist ratio and ensures that there are no more than ten to twelve patients in a group at any given time. With a low patient to therapist ratio, each patient has the opportunity to participate in meaningful ways in each group they attend. For those who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction, please reach out for help. WhiteSands is available by phone 24/7 and calls are completely confidential. They can be reached at (877) 974-3031 or online at ###For more information about WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab Naples, contact the company here:WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab Naples(239) 330-68702800 Davis Blvd Suite 210, Naples, FL 34104ReleaseID: 60041825

Feb 26, 2021

Panama City Debt Attorneys Discuss the End of COVID-19 Mortgage Forbearance

February 27, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Panama City, FL – Martin Lewis and Stephen Jurnovoy, Panama City debt attorneys, are warning of the upcoming end to mortgage forbearance periods. It may be difficult to believe, but March will mark one year since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began seriously affecting the lives of many of the Gulf Coast. However, this anniversary will also mark the beginning of the 12-month mortgage forbearance program that many were forced to make use of, meaning these mortgage payments will resume in a couple of months. At the beginning of this pandemic, many people focused on how best to get through shutdowns along the Gulf Coast and were not thinking of how these shutdowns would affect them in the future. When it came to mortgage payments, many individuals were worried they would not be able to make payments and joined a mortgage forbearance plan. However, when acquiring the forbearance plan, the mortgage company does not typically give upfront commitments to the payment terms once the forbearance period ends. As a result, mortgage companies expect payments to resume immediately along with payments for past-due amounts, an expectation which many homeowners are still unable to afford. For homeowners who may need to consider their financial relief options at the end of this forbearance period, mortgage modifications through Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be necessary. Utilizing Chapter 13 bankruptcy can enable homeowners to keep their homes while renegotiating mortgage payments to become more manageable. Those considering filing for bankruptcy should talk to a professional bankruptcy attorney to learn more about their options. The offices of Lewis & Jurnovoy, P.A. are proud to serve their local community in Panama City and other surrounding areas with debt consolidation and other financial advice. As experienced bankruptcy attorneys, they understand how stressful debt and other financial struggles can be, especially for homeowners. For more information on how to manage mortgage forbearance plans, give them a call at (850) 913-9110 or visit them online at ###For more information about Lewis & Jurnovoy, PA - PCB, contact the company here:Lewis & Jurnovoy, PA - PCBSteven Jurnovoy(850) 913-9110landj@4-debtor.com2714 West 15th StPanama City, FL 32401ReleaseID: 60041828

Feb 26, 2021

Wildout Animal and Pest Removal Adds Lakeland to Its Family of Service Providers

February 27, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Lakeland, Florida. Wildout Animal and Pest Removal, a company whose main headquarters is in Tampa Bay, Florida, recently welcomed Lakeland as a new member of its animal removal services. The addition was made in accordance with the company’s policy of providing local animal removal services in the Central Florida region. This is an entirely new division in Lakeland, and the new division will offer emergency, commercial and residential services to the community. With the new division in place, the aim is to focus on getting to the client as quickly and conveniently as possible. Wildout prides itself in providing local, fast and courteous services to its clients. In turn, its clients have provided lots of positive comments and ratings which can be seen in the company’s reviews in Google. Visit the company’s Google My Business listing here, scroll down and see more than 45 reviews with an average rating of five stars. The company started the year 2021 with the goal of being closer to the people who require animal removal services in a quick, efficient and polite manner. When an inquiry was made about the company’s expansion, owner B. Shiver stated, “The last thing someone with a critter in the attic or someone who is hearing scratching noises in the walls or attic wants is to have to wait hours for the service provider to arrive.” He continued, “The client is trusting the company by calling. The least we can do is to get the animal out as quickly as possible after the call is made.” When asked to elaborate, Mr. Shiver added, “We have a forward-thinking approach. The last thing we want is to be just another critter removal company in a long list of service providers. When people have a critter problem, we want to be the ones people think of and call.” It is with this thinking in mind that the continue is continuing and will continue to expand in Central Florida as well as northward and southward. Added B. Shiver, “We will not sacrifice the service we’re known for in order to expand. We want to ensure that we can provide the type of services we’re known for. We respect our clients and we’re humane to the animals.” Being nearby simply means the services can be provided quicker and more efficiently without risking courtesy. Now that the company has animal removers in Tampa Bay, Orlando and Lakeland, it can ensure better services. Anyone looking for animal removal services in a quick, efficient, timely, and humane manner in Tampa Bay should call (813) 333-9891, in Orlando call (407) 278-8563, and in Lakeland call (863) 225-0368. To read more about the company, read the Google reviews, visit the Google My Business listing or do a Google search and visit any of the company’s social media. ###For more information about Wildout Animal & Pest Removal, contact the company here:Wildout Animal & Pest RemovalBrent Shiver8449453688brent@wildremoval.comP.O. Box 272549Tampa, FL 33688ReleaseID: 60041823

Feb 26, 2021

Top Plumber in Jessup, MD is Pleased to Highlight Excellent Google Rating

February 27, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Jessup, MD – A top plumber in Jessup, MD, Heil Plumbing, proudly highlights their outstanding Google rating of 4.9 stars. Heil Plumbing currently has 157 reviews on their Google listing, with only five of these reviews being below a four-star rating. Google’s ranking system is one of the top go-to sources when customers are searching for a business, so Heil is proud to display so many great reviews from happy customers. Since 1977, Heil Plumbing has been committed to providing superior customer service and the highest quality in residential and commercial plumbing solutions. With these standards, it’s no surprise they have maintained such a high review rating across many platforms. Google rates businesses using a five-star review system that measures the average of the total number of customer reviews and ratings. Along with Heil Plumbing’s excellent Google rating, they also hold a five-star rating on their Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile. In a recent review on Google, one happy customer, Thomas S. said, “Both Heil technicians were extremely courteous, friendly, and they welcomed my questions as I watched them work. I learned a lot from them. After snaking the entire house branch septic out to the curb, they followed up with a scope scan, which located a root intrusion near the end of my line. Professional, careful, and exactingly clean in the work areas. Five stars.” The ability to maintain so many outstanding reviews and ratings on online platforms is a testament to the quality service produced by the technicians and entire team at Heil Plumbing. The owners of Heil Plumbing are so thankful for the hard work from their employees and are looking forward to continuing to grow their business to reach more people in the surrounding communities. As a local and family-owned business, Heil Plumbing is dedicated to offering the highest quality residential and commercial plumbing and sewer services in Jessup, Catonsville, Columbia, Odenton, and other surrounding cities. For more information about services, give them a call at (410) 799-7727 or visit their website at ###For more information about Heil Plumbing , contact the company here:Heil Plumbing Joseph Heil (410) 799-7727office@heilplumbing.com8177 Mission RdJessup, MD 20794ReleaseID: 60041827

Feb 26, 2021

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin Adds Asbestos Testing to Services Provided and Redesigns Website

February 27, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin, a company based in Austin, TX, that came to be known for its popcorn ceiling removal services, has announced that they have added asbestos testing to their list of services offered and they have recently redesigned their website. For asbestos testing, a surveyor will visit the home or building and gather samples from the suspected material. These samples are brought to the laboratory and examined under separate specialist microscopes to find out if asbestos is in the material and determine the asbestos types found in the material. Meanwhile, they have redesigned their site to include the additional service and to make it easier for visitors to use the website. Asbestos testing is distinct from asbestos surveying because it is focused ore on the results with a certificate that either confirms or denies the presence of asbestos through microscopy analysis. On the other hand, asbestos surveying includes interpretation of the results and provides suggestions. Each sample is sent to an accredited lab for testing and the results are usually available within 48 hours, indicating negative or positive results as to the presence of asbestos and the particular asbestos type if present. Typically, asbestos testing is done during those situations where a full asbestos surveying has been determined to be unnecessary, such as when there are issues with just a small area rather than the whole building and samples are obtained from a discreet segment to minimize aesthetic damage. In relation to asbestos testing, Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin can also provide professional asbestos removal services in Austin and neighboring areas. In old buildings, it is common to find asbestos because it was previously used as a flame retardant and it has been sprayed on various parts of the home like the drywall, ceilings, and even floor tiles. It was not previously known that asbestos may cause mesothelioma, which is a kind of cancer. Today, it is regarded as a deadly material, particularly when it is inhaled. And asbestos removal work also involves repair work because removing the material with asbestos will leave holes in the drywall, ceiling, and more. The primary service offered by Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin is the removal of popcorn ceilings. An old popcorn ceiling tends to reduce the value of the home and it is also possible that it may contain asbestos. Aside from removing the outdated popcorn ceiling material, they will apply a modern and stylish textured finish. The high quality of the services they provide, meanwhile, is attested to by the highly positive reviews they have been receiving from some of their past clients. For instance, Arthur V. gave them five stars and said, “Very responsive and professional communication. Arrived on time and went right to work! Performed work with care and still got the job done quickly. Were also affordable and easy to work with. Highly recommend!” In another five-star review, Jordan R. said, “Responsive to needs on job process and also provides great value and knowledge by communicating and showing the right information to create you your masterpiece! Will highly be recommending his services to family & friends! Thanks again for all the hard work.” Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin also provides professional drywall repair services in Austin. This means they will not just simply patch that hole in the wall or ceiling but also carefully provide any of the textures that are found in the home or building. And, of course, they can also provide drywall installation for homes that require new walls. And to complete their services to help renovate the interior of a home, they also offer professional wallpaper removal services and interior painting services. DIY wallpaper removal is possible but it is actually difficult and can result into a big mess and cause a lot of headaches for the homeowner. Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin can do it faster and more easily because they have the proper tools for it. Those who are interested in learning more about the various services provided by Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin may want to check out their website at, or contact them on the telephone. They are open from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm, from Monday to Sunday. ###For more information about Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin, contact the company here:Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin512-607-9716Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin2882 Barton Skyway #239 AAustin, TX 78746ReleaseID: 60041217

Feb 26, 2021

24-Hour Plumber in London, ON Gets Back to Basics as 2021 Presses On

February 27, 2021 - /PressAdvantage/ - London, ON – Though the time seems to disappear more and more quickly these days, 2021 is still only just beginning. During a time where people could use some extra positivity and structure, Triton Plumbing + Services, a 24-hour plumber, is taking some time to remind their community what they are all about. Throughout its existence, Triton Plumbing + Services has always set out to be a “different” type of plumbing company. Triton Plumbing + Services was founded by RSE Journeyman Plumber Aron O. When Aron began the company, he did so with the goal of defying the typical plumber stereotype. He noticed that most plumbers were impolite, untidy, gruff, and unprofessional. These traits were not acceptable in Aron’s eyes, so he set out to make Triton Plumbing + Services a “different” type of plumbing company. Over the years, the Triton technicians have gone to each client’s home, performing their plumbing services with class, friendliness, professionalism, and excellence. From the moment a Triton technician steps out of the vehicle, the client will witness a friendly face and pleasant conversation. One of the most significant characteristics that Triton technicians strive to give the company is exceptional cleanliness. Plumbing is messy; that is a fact. However, Triton Plumbing + Services does not see that as an excuse to ever leave a client’s home or building in a messier state than what they found it in. It is always a Triton technician’s goal to make sure the area they worked on is completely usable right after they work on it, which includes ensuring cleanliness and tidiness. Each of these company traits sets Triton Plumbing + Services apart from the average plumbing company. Founder Aron O. holds the same desire now as he did when he began the company, and that desire has become a reality throughout the years. Triton Plumbing + Services is truly a “different” type of plumbing company. As 2021 presses on, Triton Plumbing + Services is looking forward to continuing to spread positivity and kindness to each client, especially during this time where extra kindness is appreciated. They offer a wide variety of plumbing services, from pipe maintenance and repairs to water heater services to bathroom and kitchen renovations. For more information, give Triton Plumbing + Service a call today at (226) 270-3550 or visit their website at ###For more information about Triton Plumbing + Service, contact the company here:Triton Plumbing + ServiceAron Oretan(226) 270-6424Team@tritonservice.ca1680 Wharncliffe Rd SLondon, ON N6L 1K3ReleaseID: 60041826

Feb 25, 2021

Tabulae Eyewear is Donating a Portion of Their Sales Towards Seeing Eye Dogs

Tabulae Eyewear will be donating 10% of their proceeds from polarized sunglasses through the month of March to The Seeing Eye Inc, a 501(c)(3) organization.

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