Quicker Response Times For Roadside Assistance Services In San Diego, CA, Kennedy Towing Says

December 06, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Kennedy Towing is focusing on roadside assistance service in San Diego, CA for its integrated and robust solutions that aim to achieve better visibility, accessibility and high-quality service in the event of vehicle breakdowns.

The towing provider discussed its new initiatives with Toby Sherman, the chief spokesperson of the company. He talked about their programs to make their roadside assistance more seamless as well as the development of these services with the customer as their focal point.

He explained that the main objective of roadside assistance is to assist stranded motorists when their vehicle experiences mechanical failures such as a drained battery or flat tire to help them get back on the road and to their destination. In more complex vehicular problems like hydro locked engine, fried computer or transmission failure, assistance will involve pulling the vehicle to the closest garage or auto shop for extensive repair.

The services of the tow truck company are two-fold. Their rescue team can diagnose and quickly solve the problem on the spot. This can involve jumping a drained battery, unlocking a car, changing a flat tire, providing oil, fuel or coolant or fixing any other minor car issue. The second service engages its towing function when the issue can’t be solved on the side of the road. The company can also arrange a ride for customers who are in a hurry. Check out more information about the company here: http://gmbp.in/u/5dea72c171e22.

Stranded motorists no longer have to suffer from uncertainties if they call for assistance. They no longer have to worry about delays or if an emergency team is really on its way to come to their rescue. The company has expanded its presence across the San Diego area. Aside from investing and upgrading their tow trucks and equipment, they also augmented the number of towing and mechanic workers. New rescue teams are positioned in key locations ready to be dispatched to go out to serve stranded drivers nearest to them.

Nearby communities in San Diego like La Mesa, La Jolla, El Cajon, Santee, Del Mar, and Jamul can expect the same fast response that driving public near the vicinity of the company headquarters in San Diego currently enjoys. “The company has continually increased its number of rescuers to give the best service. We aim to be on the customer’s stranded location within 30 minutes from the time of dispatch," explains Sherman. The complete directory of their service areas is available here: https://sites.google.com/site/kennedystowingservice/.

Kennedy Towing operates within a set of specified and definite company values. Transparency is one central feature in the organization’s operations. Customers are always provided as much information upfront for them to completely understand the problems of their vehicles. Their professional workers are clear-cut of what needs to be done with their cars. They also promptly brief any repair matters that a customer does not fully understand. They explain things in layman’s words. In this way, customers can be completely prepared in advance for how much their assistance will cost.

Sherman explains, “Before you drive away, you will know precisely what repairs we did and why. The mechanic who assisted you will directly tell you. We can provide detailed repair records if necessary to ensure that your manufacturer's warranties are kept intact. We will also notify you of any safety issues that you may need to prioritize.”

Transparency is important for customers to understand the service cost. The support staff and mechanics of the towing company only recommend actions that are essential for the effective operation of a customer’s vehicle. They do not include or recommend unnecessary services, which only raise the price on the final bill pointlessly.

“Our company will continue to adapt its operations to suit the requirements and demands of the motoring public. Our current expansion initiative will help swiftly address operational challenges especially in this new age of customer service,” says Sherman. Some articles about the services provided by the company can be found at http://gmbp.in/u/5dea7364b6e82.


For more information about Kennedy’s Towing, contact the company here:

Kennedy’s Towing
Toby Sherman
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Kennedy’s Towing
2534 State St
San Diego, CA 92101

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