CoachVille Announces Coach Training Dream Plan Event For 2020

December 06, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Hopatcong, New Jersey based CoachVille, LLC is pleased to announce that their upcoming 2020 Year of Becoming Challenge is due to begin on the 10th of December, 2019, running all the way through to the 31st. This is a free play plan event, where the company's coaches guide members of the CoachVille community who review their past decade from a coaching perspective and prepare for what comes next. More information is available here:

"It's about creating a dream for 2020 and a play plan to move towards the dream," states Deanna Stull, a spokesperson for CoachVille, speaking about the objectives of their challenge. "Everybody knows about New Year’s Resolutions, but few know that the main reason why we fail these is due to a lack of planning. We take these resolutions to the next level, looking back to where we failed and succeeded in past years, and devise a plan to overcome the challenges that 2020 will bring forth. All participants of this event will receive support from mentor coaches, who will help them develop their coaching abilities and plan accordingly."

CoachVille's Year of Becoming Challenge is held in a private Facebook group, where the company shares resources, such as audio files and playsheets. The event is self-directed with support from the CoachVille team, including alumni, instructors, leadership members, and current students. The diversity of the space creates an inviting, judgment-free environment, where members of the community can freely share, take in other perspectives, and explore where they are going next under the guidance of experts.

The company states that, members of the community will get to observe and evaluate the things that went right in their last decade throughout the event, gaining a new perspective of their most challenging days and how they overcame the associated obstacles. This should help honor the accomplishments and goals they met, help them discover their strengths, and make space for what is to come in a powerful community of people in the shared pursuit of human greatness. With these objectives laid out, those who complete the challenge should gain a better understanding of who they have become compared to ten years ago, helping them see a clearer vision of their path ahead and bring the spirit of play back to their life. Learn more about CoachVille's vision here:

"Look back at who you were on December 31st, 2009—what you were thinking, fearing, dreaming of? How much has changed since that day? What did you accomplish? And what did you leave behind? What didn't happen?" instructs Stull. "All of these questions may go round your mind reaching the end of this decade, but the only important one is: What can be done with what is seen, and how can it influence what is next? This challenge helps people live their dreams and the life they desire, providing the support necessary to achieve these things."

CoachVille was founded by Thomas Leonard, who is widely known as the father of coaching. He has led thousands of individuals to achieve their goals, offering support and understanding wherever needed. He founded the company as a means to create an extremely generous community to make a significant, positive impact in the world. The 21-day challenge is the current leadership’s continuation of that generous spirit, as they continue to seek new ways to help their growing community.

CoachVille operates one of the largest associations/networks of coaches worldwide, and they boast the largest think-tank of coaches worldwide who support and help each other grow.

Those who wish to join the upcoming Year of Becoming 21-day challenge may enter CoachVille as members of the community. They will be pleased to learn that there are no fees to take part in the event itself. More information on this challenge is available on CoachVille's website, though interested parties can reach out to Deanna Stull in order to follow up on any inquiries they may have. Learn more about CoachVille, their goals, and vision here:


For more information about CoachVille, LLC, contact the company here:

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