Buy A Crane In Illinois With Imperial Crane’s Rent To Own Options

December 06, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Chicago, Illinois based Imperial Crane Services, Inc. is pleased to announce that they offer rent to own options for construction cranes in the Midwest. More information about the company and their crane purchasing options can be found at the following link: Rent To Own A Construction Crane.

Gina Kaktis, a representative for Imperial Crane Services, says, “If you are doing any major construction projects or hauling heavy goods, having a crane to assist you can make the task both easier and more efficient. If you’re in the construction business, you already know that cranes are quite expensive if you want to buy them, so your best option is to rent them instead. That’s where we come in. If you’re looking for a reliable crane rental company in Chicago, you don’t need to look any further: Imperial Crane Services is here to help you.”

Imperial Crane Services offers a wide variety of cranes for rent, including All Terrain Cranes, Hydraulic Truck Cranes, Conventional Truck Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes and more. The company also rents aerial lifts, telehandlers and construction hoists.

Kaktis says, “When you’re on-site, you need to make decisions quickly to ensure that you don’t have any delays on the job. Any waste of time will also result in a waste of resources. If you end up selecting the wrong type of crane, it can be devastating for your business in a number of ways. When you’re working with us, however, you won’t have any cause to worry. The Imperial Crane Services team is well-versed in the necessities of the construction industry, and we can make sure that you are choosing the right equipment for the job from the wide selection of cranes and other construction equipment we have on offer. If you’re looking to buy a crane in Illinois instead, we can help you with that too.”

In addition to providing crane rental and purchase options, Imperial Crane Services offers a range of other services that allow their customers to fulfil their construction projects with greater ease. These services range from extending their qualified professionals’ expertise to renting out state-of-the art technology (such as the 3D Lift Plan, AutoCAD and the Telogis GPS system) that is necessary to plan and manage projects more effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, Imperial Crane Services offers an OSHA approved Qualified Signal Person Training Course. The two and a half hour course benefits employers by verifying that their signal person’s training and knowledge meets the strict safety requirements of both ASME and OSHA.

The company has proved themselves to be the best provider of crane services in Chicago, as made evident by their customer reviews. On Google, Imperial Crane Services, Inc. has an excellent rating of 4/5. In a recent review, Google Local Guide Derek Hughes says, “They provide a plethora of cranes and equipment to handle all your lifting needs. Overall, a top notch company with highly qualified and skillful operators who get the job done!”

Another Google Local Guide, Jeff Barnhart, shared his experience with the company as well. He says that the company is, “An all-in-one-stop shop for crane and rigging service, why go anywhere else? Great sales team and certified operators are kind and gentle.”

In a testimonial found on the company’s website, Senior Project Manager at Omega Demolition Keith Splitgerber says “Thank you for your continued efforts to provide Omega with excellent equipment, quality operators and superior customer support to continually fulfill Omega’s project needs. Imperial is a highly regarded and valued resource for Omega Demolition. Additionally, Omega would like to thank Imperial for providing additional training and support during Omega’s Safety Meeting this past week. Omega’s ongoing pursuit of the highest levels of safety for all of its projects is obviously echoed by Imperial.”

Those who want to learn more about Imperial Crane Services, Inc. and the various services they provide can find more information on their website. The company also encourages interested parties to get in touch with Gina Kaktis directly via email or phone for further details. In addition to their website, Imperial Crane Services maintains a page on Facebook where they frequently post pictures and videos, share information, and communicate with their customers.


For more information about Imperial Crane Services, Inc, contact the company here:

Imperial Crane Services, Inc
Gina Kaktis
9735 Industrial Dr, Bridgeview, IL 60455

ReleaseID: 60032665

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