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Samsung's 1Q profit slides on falling chip prices

Samsung Electronics Co. says its operating profit for the last quarter declined more than 60% from a year earlier because of falling chip prices and sluggish demands for its display panels

Apr 30, 2019

S. Korea launches 5G smartphone networks ahead of schedule

South Korea's telecommunications carriers have turned on super-fast 5G mobile internet networks abruptly ahead of schedule in an attempt to ensure the country becomes the first in the world to launch the services

Apr 5, 2019

Australia could jail social media execs for showing violence

Australia's Parliament has passed legislation that could imprison social media executives if their platforms stream real violence such as the New Zealand mosque shootings

Apr 4, 2019

China's premier meets New Zealand's leader amid 5G dispute

China's Premier Li Keqiang has urged New Zealand to provide a "fair, transparent convenient" investment environment in a meeting with the country's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern that comes amid a dispute over use of Chinese company Huawei's equipment

Apr 1, 2019

In China, Apple's Cook says he's bullish on global economy

Speaking in Beijing, Apple CEO Tim Cook says he's "extremely bullish" about the global economy based on the amount of innovation being carried out and says its essential for China to continue to "open up."

Mar 23, 2019

China's Huawei sues to challenge US security law

Huawei launches US court challenge to law that labels company a security risk and would reduce access to American market

Mar 7, 2019