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World Cup games to air on free TV amid problems in Australia

World Cup matches will remain on free-to-air television in Australia until the end of the group stage after a telecommunications company with live streaming rights continues to have difficulties delivering its service

Jun 20, 2018

Samsung joins global pledge to increase renewable energy use

Samsung Electronics Co., the world's biggest smartphone maker, has joined global companies that are promising to increase use of solar and other renewable energy to help curb global warming

Jun 14, 2018

ZTE stock falls after US penalties over Iran, North Korea

ZTE stock falls 42 percent in Hong Kong after U.S. penalties over Iran, North Korea

Jun 13, 2018

China's Huawei says it hasn't collected Facebook user data

Facebook has acknowledged it shared user data with Chinese handset manufacturers, including security-flagged Huawei in fresh wave of allegations over its handling of private data

Jun 6, 2018

China tech giant sidelined, US imports held amid trade spat

China tech giant sidelined, US imports held amid trade spat

May 10, 2018

China's ZTE halts major operations following US export ban

Chinese tech company ZTE says major operations stopped following US sales ban

May 10, 2018